In Season

By Wild Asparagus

  1. Fateful Head
    Poor Old Woman
    The Silver Spear
  2. Puddleglum’s Misery
  3. Aunt May’s Favorite
    Jump At The Sun
  4. The Hundred Pipers
    Behind The Bush In The Garden
    Bishiop Street
  5. McMahon’s
    The Road To Lisdoonvarna
    Telemann Fantasy #3 In B Minor
    The Golden Keyboard
  6. Ryan’s Favourite
  7. The Trip To Durrow
    Bobby Casey’s
  8. My Mothers Eye Glowering Owre Mee
    One Horned Sheep
    The Tenpenny Bit
  9. Over The River To Charlie
  10. Maggie Brown’s Favorite
    The Lady In The Lake

Two comments

Popular New England contra dance band. They include lots of Irish music in their sets. Homeported in Greenfield Ma. For years they have played at the Grange in Greenfield (1st sat.?) George Marshall is the caller and plays concertina and bodhran; David Cantieni plays flute, penny whistle, etc.; Ann Percival plays piano, guitar. This session was recorded in the mid 80’s. Good stuff.

Folk Fest Alert

This band plays nearly every year at Falcon Ridge Folk Festival at the end of July. Check out for details.