Heart on a String

By Haley Richardson

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Just fantastic.

Absolutely lovely album. One of my favorites. Yes, she’s barely a teenager now, but her playing is rock. Solid.

I expected she’d be a mini-me version of her primary teacher, Brian Conway, but she is not at all. At this very early age she has developed her own sound and style. Can’t say enough good things about her debut CD…ably assisted with some fantastic accompaniment by her brother, Dylan, who’s still only 17, himself.

Looking forward to lots more good music from these tremendous young players.

Finbarr Dwyer’s

The Finbarr Dwyer’s reel in the first track is this one - https://thesession.org/tunes/8668 - not the one that the link takes you to. Anyone know how to edit this? I’ve had a go and can’t figure out how to.