Celtic Circles

By Bonnie Rideout

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  1. North Highland Tunes
  2. Pipe Major William Wilson
  3. Mary Do It Again
    Cross Roads
    Jig In A
  4. Lament Of The Death Of Sor Blanca Maria
  5. MacDonald, Lord Of The Isles
    Romance Air
  6. Gillie Callum
    Highland Rant
    Ryan’s Rant
  7. Air To Which Ossian Is Recited
  8. The Boat Hoisted The Sails
    Gone To Sea
  9. Bog On Lochan
    Drowsy Maggie
    Sleepy Maggie
  10. A Mother’s Lament
  11. Flo’ers O’ The Forest
  12. Yell Yell
  13. Prince Charlie’s Farewell To Scotland