Ireland Crossroads of Art and Design

By Liz Carroll, Liz Knowles, Catriona McKay, Triona ni Dhomhnaill, Kieran O’Hare, Marty Fahey, Trevor Hutchinson, Jackie Moran, Emer Mayock, Aoife ni Bhriain, Mick O’Brien

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  1. Carolan’s Concerto
  2. Blind Daniel The Piper
    Crow Street
  3. Lady Gordon’s Minuet
  4. A View From The North
  5. Soft Mild Morning
  6. The Lough Derg Cross
    A Tale Of A Tub
    The Potter’s Wheel
  7. The Droning Old-Aged Woman
    Byrne’s March
  8. Planxty Charles Bunworth
    Rose And Kathleen’s
  9. The Dark Slender Boy
  10. The Plane Of The Plank
    The Knight Of Glin’s
  11. Sir Ulick Burke
  12. Irishtown
  13. A Magic Mist That Came Over Me One Night And Put Me Astray
  14. The True Love Of My Heart
  15. Carolan’s Farewell To Music

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Not a Compilation

I know there’s a lot of personnel on this recording, but I opted to list them because this project was a collaboration for this specific exhibit. If there are fans of any one musician/s here, this list will be of interest. The recommends that "various artists" be used for compilation recordings.

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Re: Ireland Crossroads of Art and Design

This is a really beautiful collection (inc. some excellent tunes by Liz Carroll). It is made even more interesting by pictures of some of the exhibits which sparked off the cd. Harp, more than just Liz Carroll on the fiddle, good, good.