The High Caul Cap

By Mark Roberts & Dan Compton

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  1. The Last House In Connaught
    Patsy Hanley’s
  2. Quand La Bogue Dort
    Le Voyage Pour L’irlande
  3. Michael Burke’s
    Tommy Mulhaire’s
  4. Door County Number Two
  5. Polska E. Karl Lindblad
  6. Mulqueen’s
    The Yellow Cow
  7. Suite Gavotte: Ton Simpl
  8. Suite Gavotte: Bal
  9. Suite Gavotte: Ton Doubl
  10. Planxty Alexander
  11. Galtee Rangers
    O’Keefe’s Dream
  12. Long Pond
  13. Schottische
    Les Douaniers
  14. East At Glendart
    Bundle And Go
    Mr. Roberts
  15. The Four Providence Flings
  16. The High Caul Cap

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Re: The High Caul Cap

Desperately seeking sheet music for Clay’s jig!