Bodhrán World

By Guido Plüschke

  1. Cavan Traditional
  2. Meadow Cottage
  3. Will Ye Gang Love
  4. Buxton Spring Set
  5. Donegal
  6. Gearóid Agus Guídó
  7. Cád È Sin Don Té Sin
  8. Glen Tavern
  9. Jig Jazz
  10. Banjo Battle
  11. Garifin Bay
  12. Farewell To High Fidelity
  13. Céili Set
  14. Georg Friedrich Händel Set 1
  15. Georg Friedrich Händel Set 2
  16. The Lea Rig
  17. Return To Meadow Cottage

One comment

Bodhrán World

Unfortunately I don’t have the name of the tunes of each track.. Although this is a great recording with excellent sense of music of the german bodhraner: GUIDO PLÜSHKE.
Listen now:

Guido’s Words:
”This CD has fulfilled me a long dream. Although I did not realize all my ideas, as well as the time was an important factor, but with the result I am more than satisfied!

It all began in mid-January 2004. As part of a three week trip, I visited along with Daniel Lüdke (technology) different musicians in Germany, England and Ireland (band and ensemble members of Sting, Riverdance, Skylark, Sessions From The Hearth, La Lugh, Garifin, Trasnú, Celtic Road, delicious things, Jawbone) and have added the various pieces of the CD as part of recording sessions.

A concept as such did not exist. All sets were created and recorded on location. Here, the arrangements were, how they can be heard on the CD. None of the musicians knew in advance what will happen. Therefore, I am eternally grateful to the musicians that they have agreed without hesitation! The CD is a kaleidoscope of different styles, covering the breadth of traditionally modern to classical music by George Frideric Handel. 17 tracks, including 3 songs. Total time 64 minutes !!!”

Official website (german)

Jig Jazz