From Hamburg to Galway with Bodhrán and Banjo

By Guido Plüschke

  1. Transatlantic Jigs
  2. Hamburg Session Set
  3. Ennis Connection
  4. Irish Funky
  5. Jig Tandoori
  6. Bodhran Heaven
  7. In Memoriam De Dannan
  8. From Hamburg To Galway
  9. Guido’s Bodhran Solo
  10. Hanover Hellfire
  11. Talking Bodhrans
  12. Cavan Mouth Music
  13. High Kings Of Session
  14. Sligo Set
  15. Cavan Lilting
  16. I’ve Heard It Through The Bodhran

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Guido Plüschke Second CD

A Video says more than words..

The deed is done: Guido Plueschke`s second production „From Hamburg To Galway With Bodhrán And Banjo" with a duration of more than 72 minutes and 16 tracks proves that he is not only a consummate player of the Irish drum bodrán but that his roots are also with the stringed instruments. Many things have happened in the life of the only full time professional bodhrán teacher in Germany since the publication of his first CD „Bodhrán World" in 2004. The professional highlight was definitely the winning of the third place at the World Bodhrán Championships (WBC) in Milltown/Kerry in Ireland. Guido won this award in 2008. He is thus the first non-Irish who has ever brought away a title at the WBC from the green island and has consequently secured for himself a position among the best bodhrán players in the world.

With his new production by Liekedeler Musikproduktionen Guido again moves away from the traditional folk music and breaks ground for music which is not typically Irish. The traditional Irish music is close to his heart but he has not grown up with it. He is therefore able to deal differently with the theme and this is clearly illustrated by the choice of instruments and the sophisticated arrangements. Still, Guido is a well-respected musician in the traditional Irish scene, as proven by his invitation to Cavan/Ireland in August 2011 to participate in the supporting program of the Irish championship on the traditional Irish instruments, the All Ireland Fleadh. There he played for several days with prominent Irish musicians on several stages.

The sophisticated arrangements on the new CD combine elements from a variety of styles to something new. For instance in several of the pieces the Indian tabla-master, Prabir Mitra, proves his virtuosity on the Indian drum while other pieces are accompanied by a funky wind section. Also the ear-piercing blues harp of Ulrich Rademacher sets a course. The focus, of course, is the bodhrán which Guido plays in almost all pieces. Beyond that he also plays banjo, mandolin and tenor guitar which were his first love in the Irish folk. In the course of his many travels to Ireland he has found many friends who have agreed to participate in the production. Among these are Colm Healy and Aisling Lonergan playing the button accordion, the banjo-virtuoso Dessie Kelliher and the legend Seamus Fay from Cavan who has achieved a great degree of popularity for his lilting, where instead of an instrument the voice sings the melody.

But Guido received support as well from the German-Irish-scene, first and foremost from Cornelius „Zorny" Bode of the group „Emerald", Ekhart Topp of „Wisht" on the guitars and Rolf Wagels of „Cara" who, together with Guido, arranges the famous bodhrán weekends all over Germany. The piece „Talking Bodhráns" which Guido has composed in cooperation with Markus Brachtendorf from Cologne is especially awesome and shows that the bodhrán has also found its place in current music thus becoming part of a lounge-set. But the bass of Christian Niehues (The Lion King", „Mamma Mia") and the percussion of Yogi Jokusch („Tarzan", the German actor Ulrich Tukur) blend smoothly into the arrangements as well.

All things considered „From Hamburg to Galway With Bodhrán And Banjo" is a very unusual production which is never boring and which presents new facets and impressions each time it is played. With the assistance of all guest musicians the CD covers every aspect of Irish music, from puristic-traditional to opulent-modern. It is obvious, that Guido has put all his know-how as well as love into this CD, this explains the why the production took more than three and a half years. Anybody who loves complex acoustic music will not be disappointed. Besides the conventional places of sale the CD may be purchased on the homepage of Guido

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