By Padraig Rynne

  1. May’s Smile
  2. Megan’s Dance
  3. Hiding In The Magic World
  4. Lost In An Idea
  5. Strawberry Sun
  6. True Logic
  7. The 100 Kilo Case
  8. The Lookout Pack
  9. Remembering April
  10. A Beat Drop
  11. Will I Wont

Two comments


In the world of Traditional Irish Music and to the more experimental-minded, NOTIFY is regarded as a musical revolution. Brainchild of the celebrated Irish concertina player and composer Pádraig Rynne, NOTIFY is an organic and interchanging ensemble of accomplished and innovative musicians from diverse musical backgrounds.

With a vision to bring Traditional Irish Music into the urban arena, by placing Irish melodies within electronic, jazz and rock, NOTIFY is spearheading an evolution of the traditional genre with its freedom, groove, high octane and emotional arrangements. "Rynne’s bold, adventurous playing takes the energy of Irish trad and imbues it with an almost jazz-like freedom. Behind him a musical tapestry that ranges from soft melodies to crashing crescendos".

In 2013 Rynne released the eponymously titled album ‘Notify’ that featured Michael Shimmin, Joe Dart and Tyler Duncan. Received to high critical acclaim and peaking at 22 in the iTunes World Music Charts, Rynne was applauded for developing new listeners and audiences for Traditional Irish Music. "Rynne forms Notify into a raffish, lateral-thinking delight. 1980s funk intersects with freewheeling improv to often startling effect, with the concertina proving its mettle as an able dealer in a world where groove is king." Irish Times. The New York Echo stated: "(Rynne) has flown his concertina square into a world of progressive rock, built around traditional (an on occasion not so traditional) Irish dance rhythms. The music he comes back with is innovative, modern and exciting to listen to, it’s not only forward looking, stylistically adventuresome and musically well executed, it challenges received notions of Irish traditional music purity…I can easily imagine how this album might illuminate and inspire people, and do it in ways that are hard to predict."

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it’s class. theres also an EP now with Pauline Scanlon