A Guid Scots Night

By Gordon Pattullo and his Ceilidh Band

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  1. Shiftin’ Bobbins
    Jessie Stewart’s Welcome To Dufftown
    The Dodger
    John Stuart’s
  2. Mac An Irish
    Marie McLeod
    The Devil’s Staircase
    The Red Fox
  3. The Brig O’Blair
    Auld Rattray
    Graham And Patricia McLeod
  4. The Rakes Of Kildare
    Highland Laddie
    Kenmure’s On And Awa
    The Drunken Piper
    Bonnie Dundee
  5. Sharron Colvin’s
  6. Speed Gonzales
  7. Woodhaven Pier
    The Donegal
    Tam’s Hunting Horn
    The Wind That Shakes The Piggery
  8. Highland Cathedral
  9. Riddler’s Two-Step
    Whalen’s Breakdown
    La Grande Chaine
  10. Mr And Mrs Alex Ross
    The MacNeils Of Ugadale
  11. The Pumpkin’s Fancy
    The High Drive
  12. Mother McChree
    Come Back Paddy Reilly
    Do You Want Your Old Lobby Washed Down
    The Black Velvet Band
    When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
  13. Pennywhistle
  14. Irene Meldrum’s Welcome To Bon Accord
    John McFadyen Of Melfort
  15. Local Hero (Wild Theme)
  16. Willie Mann Of Paddy
    The Peter Davidson
    Kitchener’s Hall
    Donny The Post
    Briggy Stanes
  17. Bonny Strathmore
  18. Maple Sugar
    Out Of The Buckthorn Way
    The First Century

One comment

Many of the arrangements on here are on the cheesier side (some lounge-ish guitar makes an appearance), but some fine piano accordion is to be heard in the midst. I wanted to hear the tune Pumpkin’s Fancy— which a local piper trotted out at a session a while back— on an instrument other than GHB. The version here, played on a dry accordion, is quite nice.