Trip to Skye

By Skelpin

  1. Singing Bird
  2. Polkas 2
  3. Johnny Don’t Go To Ballincollig
  4. He Moves Through The Fair
  5. The Butterfly
  6. The Journey
  7. Running In Circles
  8. The View
  9. Trip To Skye
  10. The Profit
  11. Roseville Fair
  12. Queen Of The Fairies

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Lively, energetic, World-Beat Irish band Skelpin based out of San Diego, CA. A collective group that performs a fusion of Irish Music and Spanish Flamenco, with Middle-Eastern and Latin percussion.

Skelpin are:

Patric Petrie: vocals, fiddle
Tim Foley: vocals, guitar, uilleann pipes, reed and wind instruments
Enrique Platas: drums, percussion
Wesley Forsberg: bass, electric guitar
Jimmy Patton: flamenco guitar