By Nightingale

  1. Newmarket
    Trip To Dingle
  2. Jolie Louise
  3. Barter’s Hill
    Lucy Campell
  4. Rhode Island
  5. J’ai Vu Le Loup
  6. Scotch Mary
    Lizzy In The Lowground
    Trails Of Kubinek
  7. Beau Rossingnol Sauvage
  8. Bourrees
  9. 1800 And Froze To Death
  10. Cadieux
    The Popcorn
    The Golden Wedding

Two comments


Sophisticated and highly artful arrangements of traditional and orginal music from the North with songs in English and French featuring fiddle, accordion, mandolin and French Canadian style foot percussion. Superb ensemble playing.
Nightingale was formed in 1993 by Jeremiah McLane (accordion, piano), Keith Murphy (voice, guitar, mandolin, piano, foot percussion), and Becky Tracy (fiddle). The nightingale bird is a poetic figure that appears in traditional songs from many places including parts of Northern Europe, Canada and the United States. So the nightingale was an appropriate emblem for a band commited to drawing inspiration from a wide musical territory that includes Ireland, France, Scandinavia, Newfoundland and Quebec.