The Quiet Pint

By Randal Bays

Two comments

The Quiet Pint

Released in December, 2014, I only noticed that it wasn’t already listed when I came to the site looking to see if anyone had posted the music for Green Stubble Fields of Autumn. Not yet.

This is one of my favorite albums. Randal really excels with slow airs.

The Quiet Pint Alternate Gaelic Titles

Several tunes on the album have their Gaelic name in parentheses, which prevented linking with the abc notation section. I deleted the names and now they link:

3. The Signing of the Papers (Tá Na Paipéir Dhá Saighneáil)
4. The Green Stubble Fields of Autumn (Coinleach Ghlas an Fhomhair)
5. Manx Carol (Tra Va Ruggit Creest)
7. The Sheep Under the Snow (Ny Kirree Fo Sniachtey)
12. The Dear Irish Boy (An Buachaillín Bán)