The Green ‘Un

By Katie Howson

  1. Pearl O’Shaughnessy’s Barn Dances
  2. Go To Bed And Take Your Boots, John
    Gone Courtin’
  3. Sliabh Luachra Polkas
  4. Long Room At Scarborough
    Sir Roger De Coverley
  5. Cumberland
    My Father Was A Dutchman
  6. Charlie Batchelor’s
    Sustead Schottische
    Highland Schottische
  7. Wright’s Quickstep
    Flashing Heels
    Tousle Your Kerchie
    The Bicycle
  8. Bob Cann’s Uncles’ Waltzes
  9. Polka Chinoise
    Les Gobeuils Ronfleuses
  10. Mikey Callaghan’s
    The Cokey
    Albert Hewitt’s

One comment

Far be it for a Scotsman to comment, on a predominantly Irish music website, upon an album comprised largely of English music (but at least I’m a part-time resident in Suffolk) so what the hell….
Katie Howson, well known in English trad circles as, not only as the DG box suprema, but also as a founding member and constant stalwart of EATMT, East Anglian Traditional Music Trust, shares with us her undoubted ability, but also her passion and spontaneity on having acquired a beautiful DG two-row, tuned cajun style, with a lovely selection of tunes of varied sources. The result is an album which appears to be simplicity itself but belies an underlying complexity borne of years of perfection of her craft, yet proves to be difficult to stop playing and re-playing and re-playing and….