By Fourwinds

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Daoirí Farrell: Vocals, Bouzouki
Tom Delany: Uillean Pipes,Whistles, Backing Vocals
Caroline Keane: Concertina, Backing Vocals
Robbie Walsh: Bodhrán, Percussion, Backing Vocals

Special Guest:

Joanna Hyde: Fiddle (Tracks 3, 5)
Paddy Kiernan: 5 string Banjo (Track 5)
Tony O’Flaherty: Bass (Tracks 1,11)

Re: Four Winds - corrections to pointers

2.1 The three little drummers, aka. Holly bush see also
4.1 The flags of Dublin (Traditional) see also
9.1 The dusty miller (Traditional) see also
9.3 Jack Reedy’s polka, aka. Connie Fleming’s polka (Traditional) see also
11.1 Paddy Fahy’s jig, aka. Fahey’s favourite (Paddy Fahey) see also