Journey Work

By Popcorn Behavior

  1. March Of The Ents
    The Diplodocus
    The Kid On The Mountain
  2. Shadowfax
    Sheepskin Beeswax
    Popcorn Behavior
  3. Princess Nancy
    Mountain Road
  4. Big Red
    The Phoenix
  5. The First Wing Of The Phoenix
  6. John Doherty’s
    John Doherty’s
  7. The Brandywine River
    Tom Bombadil’s (reel)
    The Seige Of Isingard
  8. Old John’s
    Munster Buttermilk
    The Chicago
  9. Humours Of Tulla
    Man From Bundoran
    Whistler From Rosslea
  10. Bulgarian Copenica
  11. Au Vist Lou Loup
  12. Pull The Knife And Stick It Again
    New Tobacco
    The Oliphaunt
  13. Concert
  14. Andrea’s
  15. Lead The Knave
  16. Bonus Track

Two comments

Popcorn Behavior

“Remarkable … inventive … virtuosic: What can you say about a band that consists of three teenagers and plays like a house on fire?”
-SingOut! Magazine

Track one set should be:
March of the Ents / The Diplodocus / Kid on the Mountain

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