Take 1

By Tara Howley

Added by Jeremy .
  1. Helvic Head
    The Cat’s Meow
  2. Ned Of The Hill
  3. Green Groves Of Erin
    The Mill House
  4. Teasie’s Treat
  5. Burren
    Love To Linda
  6. Caledonia
  7. Miss Monaghan
    Sporting Paddy
  8. Give Us A Drink Of Water
  9. George White’s Favourite
  10. May You Never

Four comments

Re: Take 1

An outstanding debut album from an incredibly talented young multi-instrumentalists and singer. I knew that Tara is an excellent traditional musician but have not heard her sing before, I thought she left the songs to her Dad, himself a great lilter ! It was a real unexpected surprise to hear Tara’s wopnderfully enchanting voice. A brilliantly produced album of well selected West Clare tunes and songs. Highly reccomended.

Tara Howley CD

Just received my copy of Take 1, Tara Howley’s debut CD. I have posted full comments in the ‘Recordings’ section but in brief, superb album by an extremely talented young musician. Get and place yer order (Tara Howley Music).
NB I have no connection with Tara, just a love of ITM.