The Good Mixer

By Noel O’Grady, Henry Benagh, John Carty, Marcus Hernon

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  1. The Limestone Rock
    The Humours Of Loughrea
  2. The Fermoy Lasses
    Sporting Paddy
    The Blackberry Blossoms
  3. Tumble The Tinker
    Tom Busby’s
    The Stolen Purse
  4. The Culfadda
    Paddy Mills’
    The Noon Lasses
  5. Jackie Fitzpatrick’s
    Tommy People’s
    Tie The Bonnet
  6. The Buck From The Mountain
    The Standing Abbey
  7. The Cedars Of Lebanon
    New Year’s Eve
  8. Jack Rowe
    John McGrath’s
  9. Fasten The Leggin’
    The Lark In The Morning
  10. The Green Mountain
    Marion Egan’s
  11. The Old High
    Charlie Lennon’s No.4
  12. Caliope House
    The Wedding
  13. The Harvest Moon
    The Bond Store
  14. The Woodcock
    The Kerfunken
  15. Mulhaire’s
    The Ballintra Lass
    Cregg’s Pipes

Four comments

I just got hold of this CD because a friend (who knows what he is talking about) recommended it.
The title comes from the Good Mixer pub in Camden Town, where these musicians used to play in session together in the 1980s. It was recorded in one afternoon (!) at John Carty’s house in 1989, and as you’d expect the recording has the atmosphere of a top class session. No studio over-production here. Just lovely tunes from start to finish.

The Swan’s Nest

The first jig on Track 14 sounds like it could be The Woodcock.

Re: The Good Mixer

Track 8 listed as Sean McGuire’s, Andy McGann’s, first jig in 14 listed as The Swan’s Nest.