The Moving Cloud

By Leaping Lulu

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Moving Clouds by Leaping Lulu

In it’s eighth year, Leaping Lulu makes Celtic/Acoustic music with fiddle, guitar, concertina, flute, bodhran, piccolo, banjo, mandolin and vocals. Leaping Lulu pushes the envelope with their characteristic inventive, genre-bending dynamics and energetic arrangements. Their notoriety has taken them from the local music scene in Logan, Utah to include other such venues as the Sundance Film Festival and the Celtic Stew Irish music festival to name but a few. They have had the good fortune to open for Celtic harpist Patrick Ball and have even played dinner music for Eileen Ivers. They are especially well known for their annual ‘Celtic Night’ St. Patrick’s Day production which they present in collaboration with Inishfre Irish Dance. Their music has been featured on various radio programs in the area. The band members are Don Anderson, Sara Law, Harvey Neuber, Kent Braddy and newest member, Liz Fallis.

Leaping Lulu is also widely known for their Contra Dance accompaniment. They add elements of classical, country, jazz and blues to their arrangements which elevates the interest level for the dancers. They employ a variety of musical techniques to raise the energy level in the dances, bringing each to a satisfying crescendo.