The Coming Dawn

By Nightingale

  1. The Five Roads
    The Coming Dawn
  2. The Brewer Lad
    The Popcorn
  3. Schottis Fran Idre
  4. Trois Navires
    The Cos
  5. Time Will End
  6. The Black Fly Song
    The Phoenix
  7. Reel A Raymond
  8. A La Claire Fontaine
    La Belle Catherine
    Pat De Budgie
  9. Scatter The Mud
    The Tea Song
  10. Polska Efter Hult Linrot
    Marche A Queteux Pomerleau
  11. Ban Chnoic Eirinn O
    Mutt’s Favourite
    Father Francis Cameron
  12. Tickle Cove Pond
    Over The Ice
  13. Farral O’Gara
    Trim The Velvet

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Nightingale is a Vermont-based trio consisting of Becky Tracy (fiddle, and backing vocals), Keith Murphy (piano, guitar, foot percussion, lead vocals, and mandolin), and Jeremiah McLane (piano, accordion, and backing vocals). Their music travels through Quebec, Newfoundland, Ireland, France, Scandinavia and beyond to produce a blend of Northern music that is unique and compelling. With a core of fiddle, accordion and guitar and the unrelenting rhythm of French Canadian foot percussion, Nightingale moves easily from carefully woven song arrangements to driving instrumentals. The group has consistently won the enthusiasm of contra dancers and has appeared with many of the country’s finest dance callers (including Steve Zakon, Lisa Greenleaf, George Marshall, Mary Desrosiers and Tony Parkes). In concert, Nightingale displays an amazing versatility through creative new arrangements of traditional songs and instrumentals. Their debut recording, The Coming Dawn, captured the spirit and beauty of this sound and has received growing critical acclaim throughout the American traditional music world. Their second recording, Sometimes When the Moon is High was produced by Grey Larsen and is a fitting sequel to The Coming Dawn - more of their seamless arrangements tying together a dazzling variety of material. The combination of these three musicians is not to be missed.