The Return Of Spring

By Buttons And Bows

Added by Jeremy .
  1. Oyster Island
  2. The Buttons And Bows
    The Lark In The Blue Summer Sky
  3. The Ballydesmond
    Jack The Bridge
    Joe Burke’s
  4. The Prohibition
    The Contradiction
    Gan Ainm
  5. Fort Dunree
  6. Bill The Weaver
    The Sliabh Russell
    The Piper On Horseback
  7. Sweet Aibhilin
  8. The Return Of Spring
    The Mountain Pathway
  9. The Gatehouse Maid
    The Glenside Cottage
    Miss Hamilton’s
  10. An Fuiseogin Dearg
  11. The Templeglantine
    The Tipperary Boys
  12. An Ceo Draiochta
    The Stafford Dance
  13. The Brosna
    Hughie Doherty’s
  14. The Purring Village Ladies
    The Plough And The Stars
    The Dairy Maid

Two comments

Jackie Daly, Séamus and Manus McGuire, Garry O’Briain

From the website,

"The Return of Spring is the long-anticipated fourth album from the celebrated Irish band, Buttons & Bows (Jackie Daly, Séamus and Manus McGuire, Garry O’Briain).

Prepare to be captivated, right from the stylish opener, Oyster Island, to the rousing Purring Village Ladies set, with a generous helping of surprises in between!

This exquisite collection showcases Buttons & Bows at their adventurous best - essential listening for lovers of Irish music everywhere.

The Return of Spring is due for release in July 2015."