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one of my favorite records of the last two years. Good irish tunes played in a very traditional way, a very relax speed.


This would have to be one of my all time favourite CD’s for great trad style, great set of tunes and consumate musicianship. Love it and the kids are getting it for breakfast. But how come so many of te tunes that are in the database, do not show up on the recording list on this website????

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Re listings

The titles have to be input exactly the same same in the track listings. Any discrepancy -even a missing or additional apostrophe will cause a negative search on the database. Some of the tunes here have alternative titles with "or" inserted. This will obviously not show up.
You could add the titles here to the database by searching for the tunes—if you can find them— and utilising the "another name" facility.

16 tracks actually

The last track seems not to be listed, being Miss Lyon’s Fancy / The Dairy Maid

Track 7

track 7 are the following hornpipes: "The Stack of Rye" & "The Hills of Coore". Both tunes composed by The late and great fiddle-player from Bonavilla in West Clare: Martin"Junior"Crehan