Eileen Ivers And Immigrant Soul

By Eileen Ivers

Added by SavFid .

  1. Darlin’ Corey
  2. Afro-
  3. Reconciliation
  4. Paddy In Zululand
  5. Go Lassie Go
  6. Mundo Pequeno
    Small World
  7. Furey’s
    Craic With Jack
  8. BX Style
  9. Dance All Night
  10. Parting Of Friends-Poem
  11. Parting Of Friends-Air
  12. Zululand (Reprise)

Two comments

Another great recording from Eileen. Definitely wouldn’t be considered traditional, but great listening. She and her band put on an amazing live show.

thanks for posting, irishfiddler32! for the sake of those of us who want to learn the traditional tunes, could you add in the tune titles: e.g. “Furey’s” and “The Finnish Polka” before “Craic with Jack”, and “Lord McDonald’s” and “Dancers Delight” on “Paddy in Zululand”? otherwise, we can’t link to the tunes and see how to play them…🙂