The Best Of Frankie Gavin

By Frankie Gavin

  1. Hensen’s
  2. Kilty Town
    McFadden’s Handsome Daughter
  3. The Rose In The Heather
    The Rambler
    The Drimneen
  4. Mona Lisa
  5. McLaughlin’s Flings
  6. The Kerry Dances
  7. The Women Of Ireland
    John In The Fog
  8. The Humours Of Galway
  9. The Bunch Of Green Rushes
  10. The Holly
  11. Frankie Gavin’s Irish Orchestra
  12. Tommie Coen’s Christmas Eve
  13. Jackson’s Reels
  14. Way Too Jazzy

One comment

(taken from album notes)
"The tracks included on this album range from the earliest recordings by Frankie Gavin, first recorded in New York in 1977, right through to some recent tracks recorded in 1994 and 1995".