Kuin Unta Ja Varjoa

By Markus Asunta

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  1. Maat, Metsat Hiljenneina
  2. Nyt Nama Nuoret Ratki
    Babblings Of Sulan
  3. Bryan O’Lynn
    A Fig For A Kiss
  4. Jeesus, Auta Lapsiana
    The Limestone Rock
  5. Dave Murphy’s
    Dan Breen’s
  6. Valitan Vaivojani
  7. Teppo Revon Paimenkutsu
    Josie’s Visit
    Mun Sydameni Temppelin
  8. The Lady’s Cup Of Tea
    The Fair-Haired Boy
  9. Onnin Kehtolaulu
  10. The Fairy Fort
    Charlie O’Neill’s
  11. The Walls Of Liscarroll
    Headwood Crossing
  12. Mina Vaivainen Vain, Mato Matkamies Maan
  13. Nyt Ylos, Sicluni

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Markus Asunta

I found this CD in Ennis a year ago after the 2014 Willie Clancy week. It’s a unique collection of tunes from Ireland and hymns from Finland played on flute. I met Markus, who comes from Finland, at a couple of Hammy Hamilton’s Ballyvourney Flute Gatherings a few years back. Like myself, he has an admiration for the flute styles played in the North of Ireland, and indeed Harry Bradley contributes some very kind words about Markus and his music in the sleeve notes. Personally, I can’t connect strongly with the Finnish side of things, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the Irish flute playing.
I haven’t seen Markus for a few years now, but wish him well with his music.

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