The Tunes Foundry

By Aine Heslin

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“The Tunes Foundry” - Aine Heslin [ Boehm system flute ]

I came across this CD in Miltown Malbay last week, and seeing as I have a few flute students who play Boehm-system in preference to “simple-system”, I thought I’d take a chance on it, because it should certainly be of interest to them. I’m glad I did, as it is a very fine recording, all of original compositions by flute and whistle player Aine Heslin. I might well be learning a few of these, especially track 2.
Very nice, understated accompaniment too, using guitars and double bass.
Guest appearances from Maire Breatnach on fiddle, and Shane Hayes on accordion.
From the link above, right, it seems to be available through “iTunes”.

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Tunes Foundry

Áine Heslin is a composer/flute player, having started on tin-whistle and traditional music and moved on to playing classical music for many years. She has a lot of varied experience in performance – solo classical, orchestral, musical society pit-orchestras, concert band, solo trad, group trad, trad pub gigs, wedding and funeral services. She completed a Master’s in Irish Traditional Music Performance in 2004 at UL.
Áine began composing Irish music in recent years and has enjoyed writing tunes in the style of the West Clare traditional music she was immersed in from childhood; jigs, reels, hornpipes, polkas and airs. She has written tunes to particular themes/emotions and named them accordingly. Her tunes have been well received by musicians so far. One tune (entered on a whim) reached the 2012 All Ireland Finals in the Newly Composed Tunes competition.
After requests for an album of some of these new tunes, recording started in early 2013 with Graham Dunne, Ennis, who doubled as sound engineer and guitar accompanist, and Brian O’ Grady on double bass. After some fine tracks were recorded, life events took over and there was a year’s break. The remaining tracks were later recorded in Dave Keary’s studio in Limerick in 2014, with Áine’s husband Matt accompanying on guitar and she was delighted once again to have a stellar line-up – this time of Máire Breatnach playing fiddle on some tracks, Paul Moore on double bass and Dave Keary himself doing some guitar and bouzouki accompaniment. Shane Hayes plays accordion on the track of Shane’s Bminor Jig - a jig that was written for him in 2011.
The album ‘The Tunes Foundry’ is being launched from Nov 2014 and compiles of 11 tracks made up of 23 new compositions.
Áine is still composing and will be doing concerts/gigs to introduce the new tunes as time goes on. She composes by commission as gifts/special occasions also if requested.


Kevin Crawford reviews…
The Tunes Foundry
Well here’s a welcome addition to the ever growing crop of tunes within the traditional garden. So refreshing to hear a collection of newly composed tunes that have an identity all of their own yet could easily have been with us for years. Flawless flowing flute and whistle along with quite innovative yet appropriate accompaniment make this a very interesting recording full of sneaky little surprises along the way. There’s a lovely relaxed rhythm and pulse throughout which makes the musicians among us want to play along and learn these tunes right away.
Huge thanks to Áine for allowing us to share and enjoy her wonderful compositions.
I’m off to learn the “Chicken Wrap” Jig.
Kevin Crawford

Colm Nestor reviews..
In the world of traditional music, this CD has to stand out as being unique for many reasons. Firstly, it is comprised entirely of original compositions by Áine. Each tune is unique and well crafted, perfectly played and most importantly, true to the tradition.
The album features the very capable silver flute and tin whistle playing of Áine with sympathetic accompaniment on guitar from Matt Heslin and Graham Dunne. Máire Breathnach’s beautiful fiddle playing is also a pleasure to listen to. I am also impressed with the sleeve notes for the CD which contain a wealth of information on the inspiration on why the tunes were composed, they are also a great snap shot of the present day great musicians of west Clare.
The arrangements reflect the beauty and excitement of her influences, there are echoes of the great traditional groups of the 70s and 80s in some tracks while the tin whistle tracks show different disciplines of slow air playing and a Jig.
The melodies in this CD will live with the listener for a long time after hearing them. I have no doubt from listening to these fine tunes that they will make their way in to the repertoires of all traditional musicians in future years.
Colm Nestor (Clare Flute player and past sec. of Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann branch)

Re: The Tunes Foundry

To Marcus - Thank you very much for your dedication to my music - you have given me a great gift by making it available (difficult for me to do) to musicians worldwide here on The Session and by uploading my information too! I hope you continue to enjoy it.

To interested musicians - my website url is and my Facebook music page is

In the next few months (hopefully, all going well!) I will have a follow-on album of new tunes which should be easier to learn as I am recording them singly - one tune per track. Also, I have plans for a tunes book relating to these albums.
I understand that there are many hundreds of old established traditional tunes and I love them and continue to play mostly old tunes - it’s just that I enjoy and need to be composing so therefore I am continuing. Thanks for your support.
Áine Heslin

Re: The Tunes Foundry

Thank you Kenny for your lovely review of The Tunes Foundry and your support of new tunes too.

Re: The Tunes Foundry

Welcome to “”, Aine. Best of luck with the follow-up CD, and tune book. Please be sure to let us know here when they are released. I missed you by about 24 hours in July last year. I was in Ennis on the Friday night before the Willie Clancy week, and saw that you had a gig later on in the weekend. Maybe catch you next time, but it won’t be this year, I’m afraid.
Best wishes , Kenny.

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Re: The Tunes Foundry

Hi all - Covid-19 times - ugh!!
Hope you are all keeping safe and well or at the very least - recovering okay. xx
If any of you are on Facebook please feel free to follow my Live mini-sessions from home with my husband Matt - look up Aine Heslin Music on Facebook for past videos (this Thursday July 23rd will be our 14th week!!) The live sessions are usually on a Thurs night at 8:30pm Irish time.
I released that new album of more newly-composed tunes The Tunes Foundry 2 and also a Tunebook which includes those new tunes as well as all the tunes on the previous album - The Tunes Foundry.
These can be purchased on my website or on Facebook if you prefer. That’s if any of you want newly composed tunes….and if you do, thank you very much for your support! XXX
Hope you are all still playing a bit.