Live at the Grand Pavilion

By Jamie Smith’s Mabon

  1. Hello Poppet
    The Hustler
  2. Decrease The Surplus Population
  3. The Buck Rarebit
  4. Kinnersly Castle
    La Mazurka De L’Accordeoniste
  5. Fiddlers Despair
    Opus 666
  6. The Tale Of Nikolai, The Dancing Bear
  7. Divers Alarums
  8. La Randonnée
  9. Gráinne In The Morning
    Gráinne In The Night
    Trip To Glasgow
    File Under Biddley
  10. Easy On The O.J.
    Hen Ferchetan

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Recorded live at the Grand Pavilion, Porthcawl, Wales on the 7th November during Mabon’s OK UK Tour 2009.