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Recorded in 1979. Kevin Burke(fiddle), Jackie Daly(accordion, concertina, and melodeon), Ignatius Commerford(guitar), Conal O’ Grada(flute), Paul Brady(piano), Philip Begley(piano), Francis Thoma(bodhran).

I don’t own this album. Are there any tracks with just Kevin and Jackie playing? Thanks!


Tracks with just Kevin and Jackie

As far as I can recall (off the top of my head), the first set of reels, Garret Barry’s, and the Air & Hornpipe set are the only tracks with just Kevin and Jackie playing. The other sets, though, have only light accompaniment—there’s never more than one other musician playing along with Kevin and Jackie. So, if you want great duet playing, this is the album to get.

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Kevin Burke And Jackie Daly: Eavesdropper

This classic recording seems to be out of print now, but I recently purchased a brand-new copy of it for €19.99 from Mulligan Records in Galway: http://www.mulligan.ie Well, you can find a cheaper copy from Gael Linn: http://www.gael-linn.ie