Where The Bog Is

By Bryan O’Leary and Colm Guilfoyle

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  1. Where The Bog Is
    Dan Jeremiah’s
  2. Johnny Cope
    The Cobbler (Din Tarrant’s)
    Con Cronin’s
  3. The Reabui
    The Rambler In Cork
    Cleaning The Hen House
  4. Molly Myers’
    Timmy Spillane’s
    Ellen O’Leary’s
  5. Eily Buckley’s Fancy
    Paddy Cronin’s
  6. Sweet Kingwilliamstown
  7. Is It The Priest You Want ?
    The Gullane
    Con Carthy’s Favourite
  8. Thadelo’s #1
    Thadelo’s #2
  9. The Monsignor’s Blessing
    The Purring Girls Of The Village
  10. Billy McCormick’s
    The Kilkenny
    The Frost Is All Over
  11. Paddy Cronin’s
    The Lonesome
  12. Tom Billy’s
    Mick Doyle’s
  13. Duggan’s Favourite
    Dan Lander’s
  14. John Clifford’s
  15. Mikey Duggan’s
    Denis Murphy’s
  16. The Bicycle
    Johnny O’Leary’s

One comment

Bryan O’Leary and Colm Guilfoyle

Excellent CD of music from Sliabh Luachra by 2 young musicians - Bryan O’Leary on accordion, and Colm Guilfoyle on flute.
Good, gutsy, lively duet playing without the feeling that it’s rushed, and that’s something that’s not always achieved when polkas and slides are involved.
Track #6 is sung by Brendan Begley.
I’m liking this CD the more I play it.