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By Tolka

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  1. Drummond Castle
    The Knocknagow
  2. The Hut In The Bog
    Dr Gilbert’s
    The Red-haired Lass
  3. The Bright Side Of The Moon
  4. Michael Dwyer’s
    The Ranga Princess
    Phascogale In The Freezer
  5. Bidh Eoin
    Wellington’s Advance
    The Crooked Nose
  6. Mendips
  7. The Tolka
    Tune For Trevor
  8. Maud Millar’s
    The Lively Wagtail
    The Lost Drawstring
  9. The Broken Pledge
    The Cat That Ate The Candle
    The Providence
  10. Let Them Fly
  11. Tartan Trousers
    The Umbrella Chase
    The Broken String