One House

By Tolka

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  1. Rigby’s
    The Puppet Van
  2. Wynyard Winch
    The Extreme Haircut
  3. Mulberry Sky
  4. Sleepless Dancer
    The Belly Roll
  5. Dragon Hall
  6. The Giant
    Fishing In Deep Water
  7. Botanic Fault Line
    The Brave Dander
  8. The Old Sweetshop
  9. This Old Lie
  10. The Green Door

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One Door

Cameron Hibbs - Tenor Banjo
Allan Evans - Flute, Whistles & Vocals
Robert Hillman - Guitar & Vocals
Hilary Glaisher - Fiddle & Vocals

Guests musicians:
Brian Finnegan - Whistle
Josh Clark - Drums/Bodhran
Ben Somers - Bass
Melvin Ifill - Steel Drums
Darragh Murphy - Uilleann Pipes
Donal O’Connor - Hammond Organ
Eamon Maguire - Giant Vocals
Evie Hunt - Tiny Vocals

For Tolka, our story in 2014 was to write an album as a response to living away. We came face to face with traditions we had grown up with, but apart from. The green door at 10 Westminster St, Belfast opened one house to bring two places together.

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