By Various Artists

  1. Flitter Rock Ballad
  2. Arrane Y Chlean
  3. Pink Lane
    Happy Valley
  4. Fathaby
    Ta Dick Veg
    Three Little Boats
    Car Y Phoosee
  5. Sheena’s
  6. Plastic Octopus
    Cow In A Bap
    The Accident
  7. O Kirree T’ou Goll
  8. IPhone March
  9. She Is Not A Pronoun
    Gyn Ennym
    Wellington Square
  10. Eunyssagh Vona
    Car Juan Nan
    Arrane Oie Vie

Two comments

Blass (taste or flavour in Manx Gaelic) features two features two tracks from five previously unrecorded artists from the contemporary Manx trad scene. Performing Manx trad and original material and sometimes separated by time or space due to random snowfalls and broken arms, the ten tracks here represent exciting new ideas and show the variety of the developing tradition.

1. Flitter Rock Ballad - Strengyn.
Funked up rock balladesque variation of a traditional Manx dance tune.
2. Arrane Y Chlean - Nish as Rish.
Here, Nish as Rish have transformed a traditional Manx lullaby ordinarily in 3/4 into 4/4 tune with Latin rhythms.
3. Pink Lane (Pink Lane/Happy Valley) - Beccy Hurst & Beki Collings
4. Fathaby (Fathaby Jig/Ta dick Veg/Three Little Boats/Car y Phoosee) - The Reeling Stones
A set of 4 Manx traditional jigs bundled together and given their own Reeling Stones flavour.
5. Sheena’s Waltz (Sheena’s Waltz/Bump) - Laura and Dave Rowles
6. Plastic Octopus (Plastic Octopus/Cow in a Bap/The Accident; all composed by Beccy).
7. O Kirree T’ou Goll (O Kirree T’ou Goll dy faagail mee "Oh Kirree, you’re going to leave me") - Nish as Rish
8. iPhone March - Laura & Daves Rowles
9. Pronoun Set (She is not a pronoun/Gyn Ennym/Wellington Square) - Strengyn
10. Oie Vie (Eunyssagh Vona/Car Juan Nan/Arrane Oie Vie) - The Reeling Stones
Three well known Manx tunes and songs are given new life here.

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