Live at the Snug

By The Snug Session

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Charming live session recording from Ontario

Found this charming little treasure hopping around Spotify. Fans of recordings like "Live at Mona’s" and "Paddy in the Smoke" will enjoy this one!

Dramatis Personae:

Steafan Hannigan
Phil McMahon
Dan MacDonald
Jacob McCauley
Eva McCauley
Ed Koenig
Les Starkey

From the Chanter Records Website:

In July 2012, a group of top Celtic musicians converged on The Snug, a small pub in Newcastle Ontario. That particular group of musicians had never played together before that night. They gathered to record a few live tunes as a contribution to a CD honouring Riverside Celtic College, a music school with which many of them had been involved over the years. The players settled in, old greetings were exchanged, a few pints were poured, instruments were tuned up, microphones were switched on… and then some magic happened.
For the lucky few in the pub that evening, it was the very best of traditional jigs, reels, waltzes and airs, all played with energy and skill by accomplished Celtic musicians.

After it was over, the hard drive containing the recording was put away and eventually forgotten. It was on the verge of being discarded due to a malfunction but at the request of Ross McKitrick of Chanter Records it was repaired and the tracks were recovered by Steafan Hannigan.

The tunes were carefully edited, polished and mixed, with a small amount of overdubbing where some instrumentation got lost. In the end what made it worthwhile was the special nature of the event recorded that night: the camaraderie of highly-talented musicians playing for sheer pleasure, and the gentle noise of a room full of people caught up in an evening of enjoyment and good cheer. It is as pure an experience of folk music as you will find anywhere.

So pour a glass of something tasty, settle in with friends and enjoy the charm of Live at The Snug.

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