The Dawning Of The Day

By Finbar and Eddie Furey

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  1. Drops Of Brandy
  2. My Lagan Love
  3. Farewell To Tarwathy
  4. Locks And Bolts
  5. William Hollander
  6. Crowley’s
  7. Jennifer Gentle
  8. Barney Hare
  9. Her Father Didn’t Like Me Anyway
  10. Reynardine
  11. The French Drink Wine
  12. Blackbird
  13. The Dawning Of The Day
  14. Coppers And Brass
  15. Tie The Bonnet
  16. Sally Sits Weeping

Three comments

Compiled in 1998. Recordings from the late 60’s and early 70’s.

Re: The Dawning Of The Day

I’ve replaced the original entry, a short-lived compilation, with the proper listing for all sixteen tracks from the album’s first release on the Dawn label (a Pye offshoot) in 1972.

This means that Kenny’s first Youtube link now refers to track 9 and copied the second one to Finbar and Eddie’s self-titled album -

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