By An Dochas

  1. Boondoggle
  2. Scatter The Mud
    Bolen’s Fancy
    The Leitrim Fancy
  3. Silver Spear
    Dr. Gilbert’s
    The Morning Dew
  4. The Blacksmith
  5. Song Of The Books
  6. Seven
  7. The Trip To Sligo
    The King Of The Pipers
  8. An Autumn Day
  9. Sim Sim’s Tune
    Open The Window
    For Vincent
  10. Whirligig
  11. The Rise Set
  12. Open Invitation
  13. West Clare Intro
  14. The Golden Keyboard
    West Clare

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An Dochas’ 2nd full length album. Featuring progressive Irish music with the energy of Rock and the versatility of world music.
released 31 December 2008

All Tracks arranged and produced by An Dochas

All Tracks traditional except:
1. Abeid/Schulz
6. Abeid/Schulz
8. Schulz/Abeid
9. Abeid/Schulz/Schulz
10. Schulz/Abeid
11. Abeid (intro Schulz/Abeid)
12. Robert Been/Peter Hayes

Recorded and Mixed by Wade Thomas, College Road Studio, and Jeremy Oswin, Divine Influence Studio.
All Drums and Percusion recorded by Ryan Fish, Fishman Studio; except track 1 by Marc Klock, Fusion Studio.