Little Hinges

By Qristina And Quinn Bachand

  1. Introduction
  2. The Reunion
  3. What You Do With What You’ve Got
  4. The Bachand Jigs
  5. Crooked Jack
  6. The Welcome Farewell Set
  7. Little Hinges
  8. Hang Me
  9. Jimmy’s Fiddle
  10. Saint Nothing
  11. Listen
  12. Never Goodbye
  13. Three Little Babes
  14. Hangman’s

One comment

Little Hinges..

LITTLE HINGES gets its name from the saying "big doors swing on little hinges". Although writer W. Clement Stone was not referring to the power of art among a captive audience, the fact is undeniable: music moves. We engage with music for emotional release. Music inspires us to create and internalize and can even change the outcome of our decisions. Music has a history of defining culture - bringing us to battle as much as it is the sound of celebration in times of peace. We share music, we communicate through music and, like all other art forms, we identify with music.
Our goal with this recording was to open the doors of the beautiful but oftentimes rigid-minded traditional music we love to various sounds and inspirations we’ve accumulated over the past three years. The album is split into two sections, with an interlude entitled "Little Hinges" connecting the two. Following the first, more traditional half of the album, "Little Hinges" quite literally opens the door to the second section, in which we venture further from our traditional roots.

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