Across Bridges

By Seamus Sands

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  1. Corney Is Coming
    The Flowing Bowl
    The Flowers Of The Red Mill
  2. Merrily Danced The Quaker’s Wife
    Dance In Tekeli
    Off She Goes
  3. The Boy In The Boat
    The Boy In The Gap
  4. Airde Cuan
  5. Jimmy Doyle’s
    Con Cassidy’s
  6. The Ewe
    Mary O’Neill’s Fancy
    The Rotten Spuds
  7. Old Lodge Road
    Rodney’s Glory
  8. The Besom
    The Man From Newry
  9. The Green Cup Of Tea
    The Rosebuds In Summer
  10. Caoineadh An tSagairt
    Walls Of Enniscorthy
  11. Scully Casey’s
    Her Lovely Hair Flowing Down Her Back
  12. Green Grow The Rushes Oh
    Jenny Put The Kettle Down
  13. Bessy Black
  14. Gilbert Clancy’s
    Paddy Fahy’s
    The Hairy Chested Frog
    The Silvery Bar
  15. The Swaggering
    Drops Of Brandy
  16. McGahan’s
  17. Anach Cuain
  18. The Old Maids Of Galway
    The Drunken
    Sleeping Maggie

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Seamus Sands - Across Bridges

This is an outstanding album of unaccompanied fiddle tunes. Seamus Sands plays with wonderful lift and rhythm. He succeeds in connecting with music from earlier generations as he tries to “feel” the natural vouch or rhythm in tunes that may not have been played for many years. The known tunes are played with what some would consider a different twist in parts as he has looked to the source of the tunes for inspiration. He has done his research well and I believe he is one of the true Irish fiddle masters. He is an unassuming man with a genuine gift and I have heard Seamus Creagh among others speak very highly of Seamus Sand’s fiddle playing. This album is long over due and I hope he won’t take so long to do a second one. To buy the CD or learn More about Across Bridges see WWW.SEAMUSSANDS.COM

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I just had a look at his website. If ever there was a quote to sum up traditional music it is this:
“I play most of my music at night in the kitchen, with nothing but the accompaniment of fiddle shadows on the wall …”
I must confess that I had not heard of Seamus before but I love it when players hitherto unknown to me walk out of the shadows with musical statements like this. All the flash of the wham, bam, thank you mam crowd is snuffed out in an instant when players of this calibre put their music to disc.

Re: Across Bridges

I love this recording! Seamus Sands shows great skill and sensitivity. I just received the CD in the mail today, and have listened to it three times already-that’s how good it is. I’m hearing something new with each listen.

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“Seamus Sands: Across Bridges”

I agree with all that has been shared above, and it’s just fiddle, no accompaniment ~ well, except for the occasional presence of reverb, for which I’m no fan, no surprise there, but it’s never really O.T.T. I just like my fiddle a little more raw. That little niggle aside, this is one sweet recording that won’t disappoint, and hasn’t, nicely paced, clear aside from a little echo now and then. 😉 It has been in my ears repeatedly ever since it arrived in the post, with pleasure. Thanks Seamus, much appreciated, and the insert too - notes and pictures, including your fiddle in progress, made by your hands with the use of your grandfather’s chisel, respect!

Re: Across Bridges

Cracking CD.