Horizons: Traditional Music from around the World

By Helicon

Added by Javi V .
  1. Macedonian
    Ceausescu Quickstep
  2. Death Of The Incas
    Dance Of The Coyas
  3. Polska
    Lastringe Storpolska
  4. Kalevala Melody
    Morsiamen Hyvastijatto
  5. The Dawn
    Piper On Horseback
    Bay Of Fundy
    Stoney Point
  6. Mr. Pantaleish
    The Lemon Tree
  7. Lost Child
    Hunting For The Buffalo
  8. Alborado
  9. Cascata De Lãgrimas
    The Straight Shot
    Pepper Mountain

One comment


This is the third album recorded by the trio:

Ken Kolodner (hammered dulcimer and fiddle)
Chris Norman (flute, whistles)
Robin Bullock (guitar, cittern and fiddle)

This third recording for the trio Helicon (and fourth pairing of Chris Norman and Ken Kolodner) presents the broadest range of repertoire for the trio of any of their recordings. While the trio made no pretense of sounding authentic in presenting music from South America, Eastern Europe and elsewhere, the group always attempted to capture the spirit of the music. It is played here with great precision and attention to detail.

DIS-80103 (Dorian)