Room to Grow

By Adrienne Young

  1. All For Good
  2. Sgt. Early’s Dream
    Maids Of Castlebar
  3. Room To Grow
  4. Natural Bride
  5. Heart Beats
  6. High Flyin’ Dream
  7. Free Man In Paris
  8. River
  9. Given Up The Fight
  10. Dark Around The Moon
  11. How Is This World Better Now
  12. Once More
  13. Leaving It Behind
  14. Happy Ending

One comment

Misnamed Tune

The Maids of Castlebar is misnamed/misspelled on her album as The Maids of Cattlebar. After trying to find the tune on The Session and not succeeding, it dawned on me that it was The Maids of Castlebar; I corrected this so that it would have a link to the tune. These are the only Irish tunes on the ablum.