By Ceolbeg

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  1. Mother Farquhar
    A Skate In The Hand Is Worth Two On The Beach
    Gillies’ Favourite
  2. Willie Wastle
  3. The Chow Man
    Catriona Og
  4. Cadal Cha
  5. Cockerel In The Creel
    Duncan Findlay’s
    Black Cocks Of Berriedale
  6. The Presence
    The Old Maid’s Dream
  7. Borderline
    Les Freres Denis
  8. India
  9. Gude’en Tae Ye Kimmer
    The Skye Bridge Dance
  10. Duncan’s Clas
    Dr. Iain MacAonghais
    Finlay MacKenzie
  11. The Gaberlunzie Man

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Peter Boond - flute, whistles, cittern, vocals
Mike Katz - Highland bagpipes, electric bass guitar
Colin Matheson - keyboards, guitar, accordion, vocals
Rod Paterson - guitar, vocals
Wendy Stewart - electric harp, clarsach, concertina, vocals
Jim Walker - drums, percussion, udu