Cape Breton Girl

By Natalie MacMaster

  1. Mr. Martin’s Compliments To Dr. Keith MacDonald
    The Highlands Of Banffshire
    Carnie’s Canter
    Alex Sandy Skinner
    Easter Elchies
    Cameronian Rant
    Dan Galby
  2. The Butcher’s March
    Angus Chisholm’s
    McInerney’s Fancy
  3. Stumpie
    Johnny Pringle
    O Donald, O Donald
    If I Had A Bonny Lass
    The Crooked Road To Dublin
    Green Grow The Rushes
    Marquis Of Huntly
  4. The Methlick Style
  5. Christine Deagal’s Flight
    Spellan’s Fiddle
    Sam Cormier’s
    Tarbolton Lodge
  6. Janet Beaton
    Miss Ann Campbell
    Alex MacMaster’s
  7. Lady Georgina Russell’s
    Tom Marsh’s
    Stoney Lake
  8. The Centenary Jewel
    The Sister’s
    Duncan Lamont
  9. Jimmy MacKinnon Of Smelt Brook
    Minnie MacMaster’s
    The Maid On The Green
    Alice MacFarlene’s
  10. The Fir Tree
    Miss Gordon’s Of Fochabar
    Lady Muir MacKenzie
    The Lasses Of Stewarton
    Mrs. Norman MacKeigan
  11. The Reel Of Tulloch
    Editor’s Favorite
    John McColl’s
    The Rejected Suitor
    Pretty Marion
  12. Our Father