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Teada comprises of Oisin Mac Diarmiada (fiddle/whistle/piano/vocals), John Blake (flute/guitar/piano), Sean McElwain (banjo/bouzouki/vocals) and Tristan Rosenstock (bodhran/vocals) and it’s a awesome CD. It has a number of really brilliant tunes, some really cruisey moments, and gorgeous singing from the lads. If you guys are reading this comment, pls come to Australia! We’d love to hear you live!!

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i heard them live when they came to portland last year. they are *much* better than their cd. oisin mac diarmada’s fiddling is monstrously good.



I saw them in Toronto two months ago and the cd is still in regular rotation. The banjo playing on the album is truly inspiring. Sean has a wonderful stacatto attack that really drives some of the sets. A very solid album.

Teada at Gosport

I’m pretty sure these guys are playing at the Gosport and Fareham festival.


I’m seeing these guys play in a few weeks, but I couldn’t wait to buy the CD despite some negative reviews I heard. I love the CD, and if it’s true that they are a better live band, I can’t wait. I was especially touched by Oisin’s fiddling. Live can only be better I hope!

Interestingly after seeing them live, I almost think their CD is better. The crowd was full of energy and the band was able to feed off of this, but I honestly feel that without the crowd, the band would have been fairly flat. They were all great musicians, but I they were a little rough around the edges. Some of the transitions between tunes weren’t as crisp as the CD, and the balance didn’t seem quite right. I never thought I would say this, but I almost wanted more bodhran. Give the tunes a little more drive. It was still a good concert though. It’s just that after seeing Flook at the same venue a few weeks earlier, it just didn’t seem to have that extra little push that elevates the energy level to that of a Lunasa.

Anyway, regardless, I still love this CD. Their second one isn’t bad either. Worth checking out as is Oisin’s solo CD.

Micho Russell’s on Teada

I was wondering if anyone has figured out which "Micho Russell" tune Teada is playing on their cd "Teada"? I’ve listened to the midi’s listed on this website and played various versions in the session books I have and also listened to other artists playing their version of a tune "Micho Russell’s" and they’re all sounding different including Paddy O’Brien’s Tune Collection. Are these all "Micho Russell’s" or just different reels (even a jig) that were written by Micho Russell and the specific name has been forgotten?

Micho’s tunes

There are lots of tunes called "Micho Russell’s."
Micho would play the tune, somebody would ask the name and Micho would shrug. Or maybe Micho knew the name but nobody asked him for it.
The next time a person played that tune and somebody asked the name, the player would say, "It’s one of Micho Russell’s." And so the tune would pick up Micho’s name.
I don’t think Micho wrote any tunes, or claimed to have. He did love names, though, and the histories of the tunes as well.