By Karen Tweed and Ian Carr

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  1. Nåsragan Efter Maria Jonsson
    Bigger House
  2. Smith’s Favourite
    Amy’s Rollerskates
    The Old Station House
    Séamus Meehan’s
    The Glue Pot
  3. Miss Irene Meldrum’s Welcome To Bon Accord
  4. Christmas Day In The Morning
    Reel Madrid
    Thomas McElvogue’s No.5
  5. Padraig O’Keeffe’s
    A Slide Called Norman
  6. The Altisidora
  7. Åre Polskan Efter Maria Jonsson
    Matt The Thrasher
    Paddy Fahy’s
  8. Horse Keane’s
    Mad Nights In Birmingham
    My Mind Will Never Be Easy
    Will You Come Away With Me?
  9. Markos
    Red Reed
    The Scholar

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Back to 1997, it is the second release of this English duet, eclectic but full of Irish tunes.

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Wrong Ian

The link to last.fm is automated, I neither submitted nor can modify it.

As your link is broken (the closing bracket has been automatically removed), I will quote the official website of the Ian Carr we all expect to listen on this album.

" Hello, my name is Ian Carr and I do play the trumpet, but not as well as Ian Carr the trumpet player who was very good indeed. The instrument I play best is the guitar […] "


I cannot decide on which track I prefer among this album, sure there is a great variety of rhythms and moods.

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Fixing biography link errors…..

Hi guys - this happens all the time. If you send Jeremy a private message pointing out the error, he can usually fix it, or at least remove the erroneous image and biography.

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Re: Fixing biography link errors…

Thank you for this indication. I just sent a private message.

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