Longford’s Own Seamus Thompson

By Seamus Thompson

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  1. Red Tom Of The Hills
    Paddy Fahy’s
  2. The Poppy Leaf
    The Harvest Home
  3. McComiskey’s
    The Hawk
  4. Mulvihill’s
    The Star Of Munster
  5. Seamus Thompson’s #1
    Seamus Thompson’s #2
  6. “Two Scotch Reels”
  7. The Low Level
    The High Level
  8. The Belles Of St. Louis
    Sean McGuire’s
  9. Eddie Kelly’s
    The Nightingale
  10. Tripping Up The Stairs
    Ril Bheara

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Seamus Thompson

This recording, as far as I know, has only ever been released on cassette tape. I’d only ever heard of Seamus Thompson from the “An Fhidil Vol.1” recording - here :


He’s obviously a very capable player, but on the basis of this recording, maybe a bit too in thrall to the Sean McGuire style of Irish fiddling. I did prefer his contributions on “An Fhidil Vol.1”, which was a bit less “flashy”, but I suppose you have to try to be that wee bit different when you’re making a solo recording to sell to people.
Some nice accompaniment by Kim Fleming on harp.
[ Thanks to Tom Martin, whose tape this is, and whose cassette collection I am currently baby-sitting, and also to Genny, for passing them on to my tender care 🙂 ].

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I have no doubt that some of the links will be wrong, and will try to correct them soon.

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