By Rachel Hair Trio

  1. Saturday Night Club
    The False Walk (to Ramsey)
    Ta Cashen
  2. The Duke Of Fife’s Welcome To Deeside
  3. Angel
  4. The Marching Gibbon
  5. Sylvain Barou’s
    The Tea Towel
  6. Tune For Esme
  7. My Darling Fair One
  8. Tobar Nan Cean
    Kitty Gordon’s
  9. Starry-eyed Lads
    The Alamo
    The Rolling Waves
  10. Roll On The Day
  11. The Doctor
    Rundtom I D Etter Christian Horne

One comment

One of Scottish folk music’s most recognised, much-loved bands, The Rachel Hair Trio are renowned for their strong melodies, rootsy songs and majestic instrumental flair. Harnessing their repertoire from traditional, contemporary and international sources, the Trio present live performances that ooze charm and skill, with entertaining prowess.

This year sees the trio take Scotland’s oldest instrument to quirky new corners with the release of their second album, Trì. From haunting Gaelic ballads and sassy Strathspeys, to Manx jigs and jazzy marches, Trì is a declaration of intent from one of the country’s most lauded and well-respected touring outfits.

Personally, I enjoy the way the 3 stringed instruments enfuse together to create a beautiful, warm string oriented sound. This album has also opened my mind the realm of harp music within traditional music, of which I was previously unaccustomed to.