Auga de Maio

By Milladoiro

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  1. Alalás Da Ulla
  2. O Santo De Polvora
  3. Romance De Triacastela
  4. Carballesas
  5. Estreliña Do Luceiro
  6. Alborada De Verín
  7. Polca Da Mahía
  8. Ribeirana E Golpe
  9. Marcha Procesional De Caldas De Reis
  10. Cantos De Pandeiro De Cabana E Corcoesto
  11. Moraima
  12. No Confin Dos Verdes Castros
  13. Muñeiras De Poio E De Manuel Dopazo
  14. Cantos De Arrieiro Da Fonsagrada
  15. Maneo De Fontenla-Jotas

Two comments

One of my favorite albums!

I have always loved Milladoiro and Auga de Mayo is, in my opinion, the very best of this wonderful group. The instrumentals are excellent, but I think it is the vocals that really shine here. My particular favorite is the lovely and lilting “Moraima.” I had a Celtic shop for ten years in the little California tourist town where I live. People would come in looking for something “different” and I always introduced them to Milladoiro. I can’t even tell you (well, I guess I could if I went back into all my old records) how many of them walked out with a shiny new copy of Auga de Mayo in their bag. I have this in the Top 10 of my all time favorite albums (in any genre). Can’t recommend it highly enough!