Maiden Voyage

By Various Artists

  1. Jim Donoghoe’s
    Galway Rambler
  2. The Broken Pledge
    Tony Smith’s
    The Boys Of Ballisodare
  3. The Rolling Waves
    The Maid At The Spinning Wheel
  4. Carraig Na Sluire
  5. The Battle Of Aughrim
    Rodney’s Glory
  6. The Boyne Hunt
    Shannon Breeze
  7. John Carty’s
    Paddy O’Brien’s
  8. Se Fath Mo Bhuartha
  9. Gan Ainm Mazurkas
  10. P. Joe’s
    Brendan McMahon’s
  11. Charlie Hunter’s
    The Mooncoin
  12. Tommy’s Selection
  13. Aughacashel
    Martin Wynne’s
  14. Una Bhan
  15. Boil The Kettle Early
  16. The Crib Of Perches
    The Trip To Durrow
  17. Joe Bane’s Scotische
  18. Esther’s Arrival
    Con McGinley’s
  19. Naughton’s
    The Pinch Of Snuff
    The Ships Are Sailing

Twenty-one comments

Great Album

There was a period of my life where I listened to track #13 every day to and from work, just to make it a good day.

1991 live recording of a session in Pepper’s featuring Tommy and Siobh

Track 10b

I’m afraid I haven’t heard this recording, so I won’t vouch for the second tune in Track 10 being the same “Brendan McMahon’s” as the tune I just posted (no. 1981).

Sean Ryan’s (track 13)

The tune listed as Sean Ryan’s is posted here as Gan Ainm and further identified as Aughacashel. I transcribed the banjo setting and posted it in the comments section.

Posted .

Paddy O’Brien’s

Does anybody know about the tunes in track 7 called “Paddy O’Brien’s”?

Which Paddy? If I had to guess I’d say Paddy RIP…

These two tunes are familiar enough to my ear but I don’t have names for either of them.


1st of the Paddy Tunes has been identified as the “Swallow’s Nest”

Mystery solved

Alright then - the 2nd POB tune in that set is not actually a POB tune at all, and the transcription posted here has been removed.

Courtesy of Mike & Mary Rafferty - “Feeding the Birds” (thank you Dow for the clarification):

Wow, your tune posting vanished really quickly didn’t it? 🙂

Just looking at the sheet music, think “The PB’s” “abc” transcription is more accurate .

Big J’s Zap-O-Matic strikes again. Thankfully. What a mess.

contrary to the link info here, the “tony smith’s” listed in track 2 is NOT the jig sometimes called “tony smith’s.” it is not a jig at all, but a reel. i’m having the devil of a time figuring out what reel it goes by elsewhere---it kinda sounds like “cottage in the grove” in a different key, but not sure……

ok, after extensive sleuthing, i think i may have id’d the lovely tune played by box player andrew macnamara on track 2 right after “the broken pledge” and listed as “tony smith’s.” again---it is NOT the tony smith jig.

this reel was recorded as “Caoilte Mountains” on mary macnamara’s first solo cd, “traditional music from east clare.” the liner notes associate it with conor tully of galway; the tune does seem to be associated with east/south galway---i also located it on “music on the wind,” by ballinakil flute player sean moloney, who calls it “trip to the meadow,” and relates that he got it from east galway fiddler lucy farr. moloney also notes that galway box great joe burke calls the tune “mcgovern’s” after the gent he got it from.

Can’t believe Padraig MacDonnchadha has not been mentioned. He is one of my favourite banjo players. A very inspiring style and steady as a rock too.


I have the first tune as The Fairy Queen Hornpipe.