Bríd Harper

By Bríd Harper

  1. Flower Of Sweet Strabane
    Green Fields Of Glentown
    Farewell To Ireland
    Flower Of Sweet Strabane
  2. The Warbling Robin
    Alex Menzies
    The Steeplechase
  3. Jig For Yvette
    Lad O’Beirne’s No.2
    The New Whistle
  4. Jig For Johnny
    Finn From Fairymount
  5. Bo Mhin Na Toitean
    Tartan On The Heather
    Johnny Boyle’s
    The Atlantic Roar
  6. Knotted Chord
    The Coast Of Austria
    First Century
  7. The Diamond
    Joe Bouchard
  8. Ciaran’s
    Black Pat’s
  9. The Road To Hughie’s
    The Beech Tree
  10. Edward On Lough Erne’s Shore
    Larry Reynolds’ Fancy
  11. Mrs. Carroll’s
    Marquis Of Huntly
    Beautiful Gortree
  12. The Maid Of Mount Kisco
    The Jovial Journalist
    Con McGinley’s
    Denis Lanctot’s

Two comments

The long-awaited solo CD from the Donegal fiddler Bríd Harper. Excellent as you would expect