By Karen Tweed and Ian Carr

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  1. The Philobus
    A Punch In The Dark
    The Contradiction
  2. Tommy Maguire’s Jig #1
    Humours Of Derrycrosnane
    Gerry O’Connor’s
  3. Fahy’s
    Miss Hanoria McNamara Of Ballybunion
    Mick Conneely’s
  4. Drever’s
    Connie O’Connell’s
  5. Ailbe Grace’s
    Paul Lander’s
  6. Marco’s
    Rory McLeod
  7. The Unstep
    Reel Beatrice
    The Prince’s Feather
  8. Rorospols
  9. Matthew’s Paper Boy’s Fancy
    Cleveland Park
    Mary Joyce’s
  10. The Congress
  11. Baby Isle Of Ewe
    Treen Beach
  12. Waltz Montmagny
    Waltz Harry Lane

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This is the first album of this duet (piano accordion/guitar), released in 1995. There are several modern compositions along with a few Irish traditional tunes. The arrangements are very calming, just as suggested by the title.