Home and Away

By John Carlos & Jimmy Kearney

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  1. Carlingford Bay
  2. The Noon Lasses
    The Mountain Road
  3. The Cabin With The Roses Around The Door
  4. Joy Of My Life
    Brendan Tonra’s
    The Mug Of Brown Ale
  5. Will Your Lawyer Talk To God ?
  6. The Shepherd’s Daughter
    Micho Russell’s
  7. Shall My Soul Pass Through Old Ireland ?
  8. Bill Collins’
    Gan Ainm
  9. Then I’ll Stop Loving You
  10. The Peacock’s Feather
    The Fairies
  11. The Little Whitewashed Chimney
  12. Gorman’s
    Patrick’s Night

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"The Lancers"

I found this unusual cassette tape recording on eBay a few years ago. It’s a rather strange combination of some fine instrumental sets by Co. Roscommon flute and banjo player John Carlos, and singer/guitarist Jimmy Kearney, who definitely leans towards the "Country’n’Irish / gospel" side of things. The instrumental tracks are very good, but I really can’t relate in any way to the songs.
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