The Big Day In

By Simon Thoumire And David Milligan

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  1. The Tipsy Sailor
    The Future Is Bright
  2. Joseph’s
    Bessie Brown
  3. Tumble In Loch Tummel
    Big Bertha
  4. Love Comes Quietly
  5. Highland
    Kiss The Lass Ye Like The Most
    Billy Maguire’s Box
  6. Hasiera
  7. Hirplin’ Danny
    Mrs Maule Of Paumure’s Favourite
  8. The Sand Pitt
    Mrs Grace Tait
    The Trip To Windsor
  9. Invercauld’s
    Miss Admiral Gordon’s
  10. The Auld Wheel
    David Adams
  11. March For A New Scottish Parliament
    Queen Of The Highlands
    The Celtic Nymph
  12. 1234
  13. Roddy Campbell’s Favourite
    Keep It Up
  14. Corrina’s Touch

Two comments

Wonderfull piano and concertina playing.

This is the first CD I have from Simon Thoumire (concertina) and David Milligan (piano) but I think I will try to get some others from them.
The piano playing is really good and changes from most piano playings I’ve heard in the past on some others CDs.
Very inventive arrangements and very good tunes too.

This album is not entirely traditional. David Mulligan is a jazz pianist, and Simon Thoumire’s concertina playing is fiercely funky and jazzy. I’ve never tried it, but Simon has a band called “Simon Thoumire Three,” whose recordings seem as modern as this one featuring a guitar and a double bass.

For Simon’s traditional-style playing, try “Keep it Up”: You will see his gentle playing full of subtle nuances has been heavily influenced by Scottish fiddling styles. I need to get the new album of the band, which was released quite recently.

But, of course, I really love this one, too! It is quite exciting stuff and full of good tunes including both traditional ones and recent compositions. If you are a fan of Padraig Rynne, the concertina player with the band Cian, you shouldn’t miss Simon Thoumire’s playing in this recording. Sample several tracks at